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    When pixar does the thing that makes you question if you are actually watching a children’s movie.

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    30 seconds to help end Canada’s Seal Slaughter


    Hey you guys, so this idiotic and despicable annual thing starts again today in Canada. It’s so messed up, and sometimes I know it’s better just not to even think about this stuff, but an end to this issue is in sight. Let’s put a stop to this bullshit this year, please just sign & repost.

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    Leading Men Age, Leading Women Don’t | Vulture

    There are more charts if you click through.

    I’m so glad this info graphic is going around, because so many people don’t realize how ageism and misogyny play hand in hand and how the sexualization of young girls play into this.

    and how absolutely normalized it is via media such as popular film

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    flamingos really piss me off like what the hell are they doing??????

    lookin 4 tha party

    single and ready to flamingle 

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    by day i am just a regular loser, by night i am the same loser only it’s nighttime

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    I’m thankful for all the different ways I can eat potatoes

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    "I already saw that on Tumblr."
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    Match Burning In Slow Motion

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